Suprokash  set off its journey in 1990. But it had been preparing itself by publishing the “Sanskriti Songramer Kagoj” (Chronicle of Cultural Movement) Prativas since 1982 which was renamed as Ajker Prativas in 2002.

Suprokash had published about twenty-five books under its banner in between 1990 to 1996. It was determined to give importance to the subject and the quality of the book. To achieve success, it is not enough to work sincerely. Every initiative needs to be close to the common people. That’s why Suprokash came to light to present sincere, intellectual, industrious and unique works to the readers.

It is a pleasure not to announce us as a ‘new-comer’ to the industry of Bengali book publication. We have the confidence as well as the responsibility to carry on with the same positivity that Suprokash had earned previously. Suprokash wants to do the same thing today what it had wanted to do that day. There is no dust of ‘blindly followed principles’, rather there is a strong sense of individuality.

Now, Suprokash embarks on a fresh journey with its new logo, modernity and more professionalism. Constructive reviews are heartily welcome.


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